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- Kids On Track -

  • Kids On Track is a bilingual Czech-English movement program for children aged 4 to 12
  • We divide the children into individual groups according to their age and maturity, such as 
  • Little Athletics (4-5 years): a versatile movement development in the form of games and competitions, with the basics of throwing, jumping, and running, plus gymnastic basics and ball games. English is taught through games and vocabulary on various topics. 
  • Fun Athletics (6-8 years): a closer introduction to the technique of individual athletic disciplines, games and competitions, supplemented with gymnastic basics and ball games. English is taught through thematic games and takes up about 50% of the lesson. 
  • Kids On Track Academy (9+): a greater focus on individual athletic disciplines, a more structured approach closer to athletic training. It is designed for all children who want to try athletics or as a supplement to another sport (compensation of one-sided load, improvement of running technique, etc.). 
  • The coach speaks English for most of the lesson.

 - Our goal and our philosophy-

  • The foundation of our exercise program is athletics, gymnastics, and ball games, with an emphasis on athletics. 
  • We develop basic movement skills in a fun and safe way, focusing on the child's psychomotor development, so that the body is not overloaded or damaged. 
  • We incorporate English non-violently into the program through activities focused on different everyday topics. 
  • We train in small groups, focusing on the individual's needs. A personalized, sensitive approach is essential to us, which is why we divide children not only according to their age, but also according to their true maturity and needs.
  • We teach children social skills important for life, such as forming a personality, working in a group, respecting others, forming friendships and values, listening to instructions and others, learning independence, and building qualities like tenacity, perseverance, and purposefulness. 
  • We foster healthy self-esteem and confidence in their abilities through the method of specific positive feedback. 
  • We teach them to recognize their potential and limits, and we support healthy competition. 
  • Children do not show negative emotions, but instead the experience of sports itself becomes positive. 
  • We diagnose children and can recognize physical deficiencies that we try to eliminate. Based on various tests, we will recommend the right sport for children, so they can continue and excel in it. 
  • We stay in close contact with parents and give them regular feedback. 
  • We have many years of experience guiding children in France, Great Britain, and the Czech Republic.

"learning might be made a play and recreation to children
John Locke