Team KOT

We are a group of people who share a passion for sports and a common mission - to guide and inspire our athletes to overcome their limits and develop their movement skills to the maximum. With creativity and a professional approach, we create a welcoming environment where our athletes can develop both athletically and personally.

Martina Saulich
Founder of Kids On Track and head coach

Martina is a former athlete and a graduate of FTVS UK (major TV-French). At the same time, she is also a qualified 1st class athletics coach. Thanks to her many years of work in ASK Slavia Praha and various foreign clubs, she has accumulated rich professional experience. During her coaching career, she raised several medalists and representatives of the Czech Republic in athletics.

Martina loves athletics, good food and traveling. In addition to sports, he also teaches languages ​​- French, Spanish and English, which he teaches to his students through individual lessons.


  • DNS FIT KID 1st part – dynamic neuromuscular stabilization course by prof. Kolar aimed at children

  • DNS FOR COACHES Part 1 – dynamic neuromuscular stabilization course by prof. Kolar aimed at adults

  • Stabilization course - Fyziogym Cooper

  • IAAF athletics coach- Tallinn, Estonia

  • Young leaders forum 2010, Olympia, Greece

Adam Doleček

Adam is a bachelor's student at FTVS UK. Adam has been working in KOT since 2020. Adam's passion is climbing, mountains and nature.

Filip Lazar

Filip is a student of the Police Academy. Filip is a former ASK Slavia Praha athlete. He likes to travel and is currently engaged in Thai boxing.

Klára Kotová

Klára is a bachelor's student at FTVS UK. Her main sport used to be basketball, but today she loves any movement, even at 5 in the morning! Klára has completed several half-marathons and is actively engaged in fitness.

Zdeněk Mašín

Zdeněk works as a researcher at the MFF UK. Zdeněk likes to spend his time actively and is currently getting his license for skydiving.

Míša Nejedlová

Míša works as a kindergarten teacher. She used to be a very successful gymnast and later an athlete in ASK Slavia Prague. In her main discipline, the long jump, she took 6th place from the European Junior Championships. In addition to sports, Míša likes nature walks and cats.

Petr Škoda

Petr is a master's student at the University of Economics. In his childhood, Petr tried many sports, including athletics, and eventually became fascinated by floorball, which he is still actively involved in today. Outside of sports, Petr likes traveling, good food and likes to relax with a series.

Aneta Hofmanová

Anet is a master's student at the University of Economics. Anet is a former athlete of ASK Slavia Prague. Her hobbies are dogs, walks and any other movement.

Lukáš Saulich

Lukáš is the co-founder of KOT. Lukáš works as a deputy director at a private gymnasium and his major is mathematics and physical education. He is an athlete in body and soul, and lately he has mainly been flirting with triathlon. Besides sports, he likes traveling and playing the guitar.

Dan Taras

Dan works as a geography and physical education teacher at a private grammar school. His domain has always been football, which he still likes to play today. In addition to exercise, Dan likes nature and does not disdain a good book.

Why do we do what we do?

We have been working with children and sports since we were young, and over the years we have gained experience in various institutions, clubs, camps and other sports clubs. We also lived abroad for several years, where we had the opportunity to learn different methods and approaches in working with children, and we continue to educate and develop in this area throughout our lives.

We are lovers of travel, we like to discover new things and take on new challenges, and not only travel or sports ones. Last but not least, we love working with children because it is something that gives us meaning. We therefore decided that we would like to capitalize on our acquired experience and go our own way, and thus the Kids On Track program was created .

We believe that any early specialization is not healthy for children's development, which is why we built our program on three pillars, which we believe form a versatile sports foundation: athletics, gymnastics and ball games. In this way, we try to guide children on the right path, so that they build good foundations from a young age and take sports as part of everyday life. And because we include English in our program, the English name Kids On Track was born - children on the track or on the right path. :-)