What parents who have experience with our sports program and regularly return to us have written about us.

I wanted to write a laudatory review for those interested in KOT as a mother, but I find that in this respect I cannot separate my role as a parent and a rehabilitation doctor. And therefore - the best thing about children's physical activity is variety. Early focus on one sport often leads to inappropriate overexertion the growing organism and is not beneficial to the children's movement apparatus. I sympathize with their point of view.
At the same time, their human approach is great. They conduct KOT in a fun way with the aim of developing in children a love of movement, which is a necessity for a person!

Magdalena, Kája's mom and rehabilitation doctor

My son liked the KOT lessons and is very happy every time, the lessons are full of action and fun. Not only do the children play sports and improve many skills, but they also enjoy a fun afternoon and, as a bonus, pick up a few new English words every time. Our first circle where you can see from the coaches that they really enjoy working with children. Summer camps are a blast, time and space allow you to try new activities.

Kateřina Müllerová, Adam's mom

Our two sons have a lot of energy, which we try to channel somehow skillfully. So he goes to athletics at KOT. For the third year already. And they enjoy it a lot. I was personally fascinated by the teaching method, when the coach very nicely explained the long jump technique to the children, and then each child received a few tips on what could be improved. The children tried everything with enthusiasm. And even more so when it really started working for them. Suddenly they were jumping so far that my chin fell off! I also appreciate the inclusion of English during the games, it's never enough. The kids are laughing, running, trying new things, making new friends... and that's exactly what we wanted. Thank you very much for your patient and imaginative approach, we have to literally pull the boys off the field after an hour. It is very nice that we have found a place where movement is not restricted, as in ordinary schools, but on the contrary one is educated in it.

Kamila Hrubá, mom of Leo a Benjamin

I would like to thank you very much for the meaningful work you do, it is the best management of the group (both in relation to the children and in communication with the parents) that I have had the opportunity to know with Mára and Fanousek. I wish there were more of them :-) And towards the camps: My son is not an athlete and not even a team player. He refuses all sports or team activities, but your camp drew him into the activity in such a way that he woke up every morning at the camp with joy and looked forward to what he would experience the next day.

Petra Šnajdrová, mom of František and Marko

You wrote about summer camps...

Summer camp from Kids On Track is not an ordinary suburban camp - it is a well-prepared week full of sports, games and knowledge passed on to children in a fun way. The son took part last summer for the third time, the daughter for the second time, both were enthusiastic each time. The program is a full day, prepared by an experienced team, the children have the opportunity to try different types of sports, but they also learn other skills - cooperation, fair play, helping the smaller ones. I really appreciate the nice approach of the leaders - they communicate well, they are empathetic, 100% trust. We recommend (parents and children) all ten!

Anna Mančalová, mom of Klára a Kryštof

Our children (5 and 7 years old) like to play sports and we have experience with a number of leisure activities. This year we chose the Kids On Track suburban camp and couldn't have done better. Both were tired and satisfied after a full day of experiences. They always looked forward to the next day, which was not a matter of course in other camps. The whole camp was accompanied by an interesting and entertaining game "A la Tour de France". The coaches encourage and positively motivate the children. And the communication with the parents is also above standard! Thank you We are already looking forward to next year. ; )

Lucie Klimková, mom of Samík and Terezka

Thank you very much for the week you organized for the children. I have to say that after a long time, I was really honestly satisfied and I handed over the baby with a nice feeling. Everything was nicely organized, we believe that it was very beneficial for the children. I especially appreciate the approach to children and the way you treat them based on the character of each child. Thank you very much and we look forward to participating again!

Sylvie Malířová, Nikita's mom

Thank you for a great camp, which our son Matěj really enjoyed! As parents, we acknowledged that he comes every day excited about the new sports and disciplines he tried with you (so we heard about bränball for the first time), and tired. ;-) I, as a playful soul, also really liked the central game motif of the Boyard Fortress, which accompanied the children through sports. It's great when you can combine sport with fun and maybe even with gaining new knowledge. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you again in a year at the latest.

Lucie Nováková, Matěj's mom